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CJL Rentals is a woman owned enterprise that specializes in apartment rentals and property management.  What sets us apart from all the rest is that we are very accessible.  When you work with us you are interacting with the owner of the company on a regular basis.  We are honest, attentive, professional and extremely efficient. 

Our company gives each landlord excellent service.  We are very thorough with each tenant we put in.

I grew up in a family that owns and manages property.  Part of our criteria of screening new tenants is whether or not we would put them in our own units.  Using this as our standard, our landlords have always been pleased with our services.

We are very diligent about screening new prospective tenants.  We verify their employment, check credit history, speak with their present landlords, and just as important their past landlords.  

We provide personal service and attention to all of our apartment rentals and property management.


Rental Services

  • Suggestions of Low Cost Improvements
  • Competitive Pricing of Your Property

  • Photographs of the Property

  • Advertising Property Using Multiple Online Resources

  • Pre Qualify Inquiries

  • Conduct Showings to Prospective Tenants

  • Applicant Interviews

  • Prospective Tenant Checklist which provides the following:

    • Credit Check

    • Color Copy of Identification

    • Employment and Income Verification

    • References from Current and Previous Landlords

  • Lease Preparation and Coordination of the Lease Signing

  • Prepare all required Massachusetts Rental Forms


Rental Service Fee

A rental agent’s fee for finding a tenant is equal to one month’s rent.  This fee can be paid from the landlord and/or tenant.  Typically, the landlord and tenant pay half a month’s rent each.  We can start with the tenant paying the full fee but if response is slow we then suggest that the landlord pay half of the fee.  The things that most affect this fee structure are location (the closer to Boston the less likely the landlord will pay any fee) and time of year.

The months from November through March are more difficult to find QUALITY tenants.  Who wants to move around the holidays or in the winter?  Often, some tenants are willing to pay the full fee (and more) when their credit and/or landlord references aren’t good.  During the winter months there are many LESS QUALIFIED tenants looking and we deny many of them at this time.  

Currently, tenants educate themselves and often learn they do not have to pay a full fee.  Once again, if response is slow we then suggest going to the half fee structure.  It doesn’t make sense for a landlord to have a vacant apartment and be paying the utilities.  By paying half  of the fee we’re able to rent it quicker and often can get a little more rent at the half fee structure.  It’s less money for the tenant up-front.

So the bottom line is, it’s not always so straight forward.  We work with each landlord on an individual basis to get them the most suitable tenant for the best rental price.


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