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Since 1992 CJL Property Management has been serving the Metrowest area with distinction. For both property owners and tenants our goal is to give you full service that provides you Trust - Confidence - Peace of Mind during our time together. To this end Carleen LeBlanc Hart, Owner/Broker with over 25 year's experience, personally takes care of the day to day operation of CJL Property Management. We manage single family homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial properties. We are local, have  maintenance staff as well as many professional licensed contractors available. We are attentive and efficient.  

Come see us, call or email today and experience the best in property management services.


Management Services

  • Rent and/or Condo Fee Collections

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payment of Bills

  • Tenant Communications

  • Facilitation of all Maintenance and Repairs

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response

  • Periodic Inspections

  • Preventative Maintenance Consultations

  • Landscaping / Snow Removal

  • Remodeling

  • Budgets and Planning for Condos

  • Tax Filing for Condos

We have a Management Agreement which is located under forms at the bottom of our website.  If you are not satisfied with our performance there is a 30 day Cancellation Clause.


We  Find You Qualified Tenants, Prepare Necessary Documents &  Facilitate the Move In Process.


  • Suggestions of Low Cost Improvements

  • Competitive Pricing of Your Property

  • Photographs of the Property

  • Advertising Property Using Multiple Online Resources

  • Pre Qualify Inquiries

  • Conduct Showings to Prospective Tenants

  • Applicant Interviews

  • Prospective Tenant Checklist which provides the following:

    • Credit Check

    • Color Copy of Identification

    • Employment and Income Verification

    • References from Current and Previous Landlords

  • Lease Preparation and Coordination of the Lease Signing

  • Prepare all required Massachusetts Rental Forms

  • Facilitate Cleanings and Turnover

  • Field all Tenant Calls and Needs

  • Facilitation of All Maintenance and Repairs

Property Management Fees

The typical cost of property management for apartments, single family homes and single condominiums is 10 percent of the gross monthly rents.  


  1. The tenant can direct deposit the rent into your account. This is the easiest and fastest. It would be set up so the deposit will happen automatically the 1st of the month. You would set up a reoccurring transaction in bill pay to pay the management fee. Any other invoices that come in, I will scan to you and you would pay.

  2. The tenant can mail the rent to me. I will deposit the check into my account, pay any bills and send the remainder to you. Typically you would receive the check around the 5th of the month, that is if the rent check clears.

  3. I can open an account with both our names on it at Rockland Trust. I will deposit the rent, pay the bills and send a check to you from the bank account. This tends to be for larger units with several bills.

With single family homes not having many bills, landlords tend to choose option 1.  

The typical cost for condominium association’s management services start at $75 per unit per month.(Not management of a single condominium unit that is 10% of the monthly rent)

Some factors that can affect this price are location, the size and age of the building and renters vs. owner-occupied units within the building.

Often there is a one time start- up fee of $200 with condominiums.

No other administrative fees will be charged and no extra fees will be added to our subcontractor’s bills.

We charge 10 percent for capital improvements such as a new roof or new heating system due to the extra coordination and supervision. Nothing will be added to the repairs and maintenance bills. 


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